Who We Are


Daniel Wellings
Director and Co-Founder

Daniel’s work includes the establishment of new special schools as Proprietor and operating independent secondary schools as Executive Chair Person. Daniel has developed schools to be more dynamic in how they support diverse ways of learning whilst providing the strategy to make the schools more relevant to the local communities they served.

Being neuro-divergent himself, he has a personal motivation to see improvements in the implementation of more supportive and well provisioned specialist education. Daniel wants to see all children with special needs have the chance to thrive and live quality independent lives.

Amy Creatura

Amy has spent 15 years working in special education, 12 of which have been in school leadership as a Headteacher and Deputy Executive Principle. With time spent at both the grassroots and strategic levels of education organisations Amy has an in depth understanding of the sector.

Amy, who is also neuro-divergent, believes that the whole of society benefits from enabling children with special needs to thrive. Having seen how quality education can transform the lives of childrenwith special needs, Amy is determined to drive improvement to the school system for them.

Advisory Board

Andy Knights
Chief Executive Trafalgar Education, Stagecoach AND Drama Kids

“I have witnessed the significant number of young individuals who require support that surpasses what schools and institutions can offer. It is evident that there is a pressing need to bridge this gap to rectify the imbalance in educational opportunities and promote learning equality.

Daniel Cohen
Director of Business and Development MTM Consulting and Data Driven Insights

“I am proud to be part of The Divergent School Group. A hugely important initiative to allow all children to develop the skills they need to flourish.”

Adam D’Souza
Founder and International Education Consultant Commons Education 

“I am committed to inventing new educational models. The Divergent School Group fulfils a huge need — unlocking the potential of neurodivergent children.”

Dr Helen Wright
International Education Advisor and Executive Coach Global Thought Leadership Ltd, Associate and Lead Coach LSC Education

“Every child has the right to equal access to education; this pioneering project makes it happen.”

Natalie Packer
Independent Education Consultant Natalie Packer Educational Consultancy

“The Divergent School Group offers an opportunity for its pupils to thrive in a quality, targeted, specialised provision, enabling access to a range of inclusive opportunities.”

Jonathan Harper
CEO Future Foundations Director, Co-Founder Future Solutions Online AND Co-Founder Our Future Group

“Proud to support the development of the Divergent School Group which will provide a new model for special education that is so needed.  The approach will have a big impact on young people by providing them with an environment where they can thrive.”

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