For Local Authorities

The Divergent School Group believes that local authorities deserve value for money and transparency. To build a true partnership we must work in a new way, with our shared goals at the core of the school’s work. 

Our mission is to become a part of a new style of independent special education, which gives excellent provision to children, without excessive cost to local authorities. To this end, we operate as a Community Interest Company, meaning a maximum of 4.5% of fees can be retained by the company as profit. 

This, and other aspects of our model, enables us to use the money we receive from fees to employ only qualified and highly skilled staff. We can do this whilst still offering a lower fee than our typical competitors.

If you represent a local authority and would be interested in discussing how The Divergent School Group can contribute to your special education strategy, please contact Amy Creatura, our Founder and Chief Education Officer, directly by email:

More information for local authorities will follow in November 2023. 

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