What We Do
The Divergent School Group provides a new model for special education. 

We understand that children with special needs get the best from their education when they receive excellent support early in their school journey. Because of this we have tailored our provision to the needs of children who need more specific support than a mainstream school can offer. But, who do not require the more intense support found in the large portion of special schools, which cater to more complex needs. This group of children are currently the missing middle, we have made it our mission to establish schools which are just right for them.

There are only a small number of children in each class, with at least one teacher and one teaching assistant. Classrooms are carefully adapted to best meet the sensory and communication needs of pupils. Having this secure base enables our pupils to access ablended curriculum, with pupils attending some classes in the mainstream host school.

We believe that excellence in schools starts with the people who make it, strong expertise and heart-felt determination to givechildren with special needs the best are essential. With this in mind, all teachers are qualified, with full QTS, and have prior experience teaching in special schools. Quality support is provided by our qualified Higher Level Teaching Assistants and team of therapists.

We also provide consultancy for organisations who are looking to establish or enhance their own specialist provision. With a wealth experience, both at the ground level and in strategic leadership of special schools, our work is holistic and effective.

The Divergent School Group aims to have a place in the conversations effecting policy for children with special needs. We actively engage with decision-makers and think tanks so that our work and the experience of our pupils can feed into systemic progress for children with special needs.

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