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September 14, 2023

Welcome to the Thoughts and News thread! Here you will find the founders blog with regular updates on the development of The Divergent School Group and our thoughts on key issues in special education. We will also use this space to share articles written by our team which have been published elsewhere.

In this post we’ll introduce the values of the The Divergent School Group. 

At the core of the organisation is a steely belief that children with special needs have the right to a provision which is just the right fit for them. Having identified a group of children with special needs who aren’t typically best catered to by either a mainstream or special schools, we have made it our mission to provide for this missing middle.

Society’s understanding of neurodiversity has accelerated significantly, particularly over the last decade. We believe that this richer insight can inform the development of a provision for children with special needs which is truly excellent. The pedagogy of The Divergent School Group is innovative and rooted in contemporary evidence. To deliver this, we only employ qualified and highly skilled teaching staff. 

For special education to evolve and better reflect the direction that society is moving in, it must become more integrated with mainstream schools. Both of these communities can gain from being better connected. The purpose of The Divergent School Group’s education model is to do just that. 

So there you have it, the values of The Divergent School group;

  • Individualised - Children with special needs deserve an education which is the right fit for them
  • Innovative - Excellence in special education stems from contemporary evidence and innovation, delivered by skilled teaching staff
  • Integrated- Everyone benefits from special schools and mainstream schools integrating

Watch this space for more from us!


Daniel and Amy

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